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Customer information is defined by LKE as customer contact name, companies they represent, line of business, and/or interests in particular products/services. LKE does not make special distinction in the way customer information is being treated based on type of industry (e.g. public sector versus private sector).

Customer information is also defined as information derived from, but not limited to, submissions via this web site's online form(s), emails, business cards and sign-up sheets at conferences and events, as well as telephone communications.

LKE will not sell or distribute customer informatoin without an explicit approval. However, LKE may share customer information with suppliers and agents of LKE for the purposes of order fulfillment, service/repair, and any legal requirements.

While LKE promotes the use of the online medium such as email as much as possible in order to expedite communication, customers acknowledge that there are inherent risks associated with such communication and accept such risks. LKE will not be liable for any loss of customer information in the course of communications via the internet.

Customers who have opted to be on our mailing list may get email and/or mail notifying them of upcoming offers, new products, and events directly for LKE and/or from its partners/agents. Customers acknowledge that by being on our mailing list, they have requested for such literature and will not view them as unsolicited mail, and that they are free to request removal from our mailing list.

Information on this website

Information on this website is deemed as accurate as possible and may be subject to change without notice. LKE will not be liable for any errors or inaccuracies that might arise. If in doubt, please contact us for verification.

LKE does not warrant the accuracy of information found on websites operated by partners, resellers, and agents.